Tails doll was made by Dr.Eggman just for the purpose of getting all the Chaos emeralds for him in Sonic R after he failed Tails doll was worthless and thew him out to the dark rainy night.
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Really? What did he do wrong?

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Tails finds Tails doll

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Tails doll asking to be freinds

Then Tails was walking by and saw Tails doll he said "What a cute doll!" he picked up Tails doll and took him home little did he know that the doll was alive.Then someware in Satan's place, there was another Tails doll the Tails doll tails got was the good one while this one was the evil one. The evil Tails doll came out to Mobius while Tails put Tails doll down on a table soon the evil one came and went and hid Tails doll under the table and got on the table and sat there i the same pose that the good one was in. soon Tails came back he was doing something in the kitchen then he heard a voice saying "Come play with me!" Tails turned around and the evil Tails doll was floating above him Tails screamed "WHAT?! YOUR A DOLL YOU CANT TALK!" then the doll droped to the floor Tails touched it it did not move.Tails didnt worry about it so he put the doll on the shelf and went to bed.soon Tails woke up it was 8:00 AM as Tails got out of his bed he saw that there were blood stains on the floor and the doll on the shelf was gone. Tails rushed downstairs and sitting there on a table was Tails doll this time it was the good one Tails said "I got to get rid of you NOW!" Then Tails doll sofly spoke and said"What did i do? Im just a doll.Not an evil killing machine.I thought kids would love me well i guess i was wrong...then he said"Im lonely will you be my friend? forever?" Tails said yes and soon Tails doll and Tails became close freinds.Hopeing the evil Tails doll will not come back.