Sonic the cream doll weirdo by mati fox-d34fxh1

❏Species: Rabbit ❏Family: Demon Cream doll ❏Clothes: orange dress with yellow and orange shoes ❏Color of Fur: Cream tone light brown ❏Eyes: blue, ❏Friends: Tails doll Knuckles doll Amy doll etc. ❏Enemies: Demon Tails doll Demon Knuckles doll Demon Amy doll Demon Cream doll etc. ❏Theme Song: "Dancing Crazy"

Cream doll is the current love of Tails doll after Blaze doll died.She is mostly always happy with Tails doll and is great freinds with him.She has always been helping him stop his evil twin brother and is very helpful.Unlike Tails doll Cream dolls gem dosent change color to the feeling it just stays blue.