❏Species: Robot ❏Family: None ❏Clothes: Creams clothes in Sonic and Ray Black Dress Red and black shoes red gloves in Sonic and Ray 2 ❏Color of Fur: Cream tone light brown ❏Eyes: Red, ❏Friends: Demon Sonic doll Knuckles doll Shadow doll Tails doll etc. ❏Enemies: Good Tails doll and his friends and Sonic and his friends etc. ❏Sound Grrrrrr .

Demon Cream doll is the evil twin sister of Cream doll.She is evreything unlike Cream doll (and Cream!) She is rude selfish and just wants ereything she wants.her love is Demon Tails doll but she likes Shadow doll a bit too and her best freinds are Demon Amy Shadow and Sonic doll.