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    WORST PHOTOSHOP PIC EVER btw i used to be scared of this now im not.

    Tails Doll by Shad o ren

    wtf it looks more like a chiwawa then Tails doll

    Ah yes we can never forget about the evil Tails doll.He is the evil brother of Tails doll he steals souls to power is gem so he can become stronger.He trys to stop Tails doll and take over the world.

Here are somethings he says so that way you can stay away from him

  • SHLUMPY* - Random noise usually given off by the Tails Doll

"Can you feel the Sunshine?" - A quotation from his theme song, "Can You Feel The Sunshine". After he says that, he tends to kill someone.

"Don't let me eat your soul." - A common phrase used for the Tails Doll in stories.

"Mhwahahahahaha! Burn, Angel Island! Burn!" - After destroying Angel Island.

"Chaos...Control!" - Tails Doll after performing Chaos Control

"Play with me....." - Says it to gain his victim's trust, then attacks.

He Has no weaknesses since Vegeta Doll removed them Edit

Tails doll by chaparro1-d3tggt0
I m watching you by chaparro1-d3cbkoo