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This wiki was made to prove that Tails Doll is not evil. It will have some facts videos pics and info about good Tails Doll.

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We hate those people who say Tails Doll's evil! he's not! He just wants a friend and this wiki was made to prove it!


littel ramen

sanic is fast LOL!!!

    • EDIT: 5/27/13**

This is Skitty232, and I can see a couple of the drawings I have made were on this page. I would like to say thank you to the creator of "Good Tails Doll Wiki", because I am very surprised and proud of myself on how my actual art was used on other sites besides deviantART(Considering I made these pictures when I had just joined dA, and just started getting use to MS Paint. I have improved very much from that time period). 

Along with that, I do not use deviantART anymore, but I still draw. 

This is probably a final update, although I only found out about this wiki a few days ago. 

Again, thank you MilesTailsprower123 for using my artwork on this Wiki. I very much apprciate it. :)

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