Life Full of Pain by SamarraGothika8

Made by SamarraGothika8 on DA

'Why...?',Tails Doll thought as he stood over his dead twin-sister's grave.'Why did this happen to me...?H-how could this be...?'Tears began to to pore out of his eyes."She was all who I had left...",he said softly."Hazel..." The two-tailed doll looked up into the night sky filled with dark clouds as it began to thunder.His voice rose up,"My family...!",he began,"My friends...!",his big,black eyes flooded with more tears as he showed angry eyes,"They were all taken from me....All who I've ever cared for are gone!"The thunder had gotten louder and lightning bolt began to flash in the night sky.He lowered his head down and looked at his sister's grave and whispered angerly,"But Hazel was who I loved the most..." Tails Doll tightly balled up his fist and began to choke on sobs and looked up into the sky,once more."She was the best friend I've ever had!",he yelled out,"She was always there for me...!She had a whole life ahead of her...!She meant more to me than than anyone else!And then she was taken from me..." As the storm started to pick up,rain began to fall.Tails Doll's eyes had tured into a bright,glowing red and sceamed,"This world destroyed my life,they took my loved ones,and they killed Hazel!",his bright red gem began to glow for he was so enraged,Why...?Why did they take her from me?WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?????",he screamed out into the sky. The enraged doll fell to the ground on his hands and knees and began to cry even more."Their all gonna pay for this...I will show them who I really am!",he yelled out.Tails doll floated off the ground and shouted into the sky,"I shall take over this world and make them pay for all the pain they've put me though!",an evil smile creeped up over his muzzel,"And I will kill those who stand in my way and I shall slave everyone...!" CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE...? Muuuwhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!" Tails doll laughed. "Boom! Boom!" Thunder crashed

In Heaven------

Hazel's eyes was flooded with tears seeing her dearest brother in so much pain for she has never seen him so upset.She covers her face with her hands and began to sob.So the little angel put her hands together and prayed as hard as she could,"Oh,Heavenly Father...I beg of you!Please,help my my dear brother,Tails Doll.Hes so angry right now and he needs your help.He needs you more than ever",more tears pored out of her hazel eyes,"Please,God...let him know that there are better things in life than revenge.Help him find the path to good. Amen... The angel wiped the tears off her face with her sleave,but she coldn't stop crying.Then, Jesus's hand touched her chin and lifted her head to were her eyes was leveled to his.He wiped her tears with his thumb and smiled."Do not worry,my child,"he said in a deep,echoing voice,"He will find his way."

The End