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File:A tails doll for tailsdoll22 by nane rockerita-d345sew.pngFile:Amon Amarth - Death in fire.File:Amy doll.png
File:Amy doll by furude imoku-d2y58x5.jpgFile:Angel tails doll by dragonfan122-d328qqr.pngFile:AnimeFrEsHxKnuckles by AnimeFrEsH.jpg
File:Art trade tails doll w cookie by chaparro1-d47io0d.jpgFile:Awesome TailsDollXD by DarkCream.gifFile:Best friends by nisel97-d36rx5n.png
File:Blaze Doll Doodle by Chibi Gardevoir.pngFile:Blazedoll.jpgFile:Blazes Theme
File:Blazetails tails-doll.jpgFile:Break away by bagiara.jpgFile:CONTEST Just needed a friend by Trakker.png
File:Can You Feel the Sunshine RemixFile:Can t i be loved by kimmy the cat-d350k5r.jpgFile:Can we be friends forever by chaparro1-d3bx9oe.jpg
File:Can you feel the lamp shine by neightthedragon-d32g47a.jpgFile:Can you feel the love by chaparro1-d3ek6ld.jpgFile:Can you feel the sunshine by raelogan-d3adw5v.jpg
File:Can you feel the sunshine by skitty232-d3cq4x6.pngFile:Ce tails doll eating a cookie by bunnyinthebox-d37fnwq.jpgFile:Chibi tails doll by rachvamp02-d313sy1.jpg
File:Coloured tails doll by JoshulziaTheWolf.jpgFile:Come to the dark side by spikewolfsoul-d2xv3pi.jpgFile:Cream Doll by maribu07.png
File:Cream Doll by milesprower0.pngFile:Cream and the Tails Doll avi by ChaoCat76.jpgFile:Cream doll and shadow doll by grimtalesreaper-d31rw2k.png
File:Cream doll by chibishadow8-d31y4pc.jpgFile:Cream dolll.pngFile:Cute-tails-doll-tails-doll-3713845-499-762.jpg
File:Cute Tails Doll.pngFile:Cute Tails Doll 2 by Themysteriouspirate.pngFile:Cute Tails Doll 3 by Themysteriouspirate.png
File:Cute Tails Doll 4 by Themysteriouspirate.pngFile:Cute tails doll by LittleCharmyBee.jpgFile:Cute tails doll by mollyas-d3bwkpm.png
File:Cutie-pie-tails-doll-tails-doll-13375907-773-842.jpgFile:D by pinkishgiovanna-d2ywzwf.pngFile:D i love you tails doll by XcomickittyX.png
File:Dancing in the Dark by GirGrunny.jpgFile:Dark amy doll.pngFile:Default.jpeg
File:Do you love me by spikewolfsoul-d32x82x.gifFile:Don t cry tails doll by teamrocketspikachu-d34tt8j.jpgFile:Echo and Tails doll.png
File:Estefi x Tails doll.pngFile:Eva and tails Doll by SonicSkaters.jpgFile:Evil-cream-doll-cream-the-rabbit-4557505-463-338.jpg
File:Evil amy doll by Shirokaze2012.pngFile:Evil sonic doll.pngFile:Example.jpg
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File:GTD Crying by lucaruoboss.pngFile:Give me a hug by spikewolfsoul-d2yv90h.gifFile:Good Tails Doll by DebbiePrimate.jpg
File:Good Tails Doll by Scourge fan 22.jpgFile:Good tails doll icon by skitty232-d3cl3fm.pngFile:Graveyard stroll by solanna the eevee-d33av5z.png
File:Happeh Halloween 2009 by TailsFan2300.pngFile:Happy tails doll by chaparro1-d33loxe.jpgFile:He Can Feel The Sunshine by kellllly.png
File:He s fun sized by chaparro1-d3dde4q.jpgFile:Here s a Gift by saffronpanther.jpgFile:Hiiiii by tails n doll-d2zzglh.jpg
File:How to tame your Tails Doll Part 1File:How to tame your Tails Doll part 2File:How to tame your Tails Doll~ Part Three~ Two of a kind
File:Hug by chaparro1-d3f3zm2.jpgFile:Hug plz by xmissbluex-d3653jo.pngFile:Hugs Between Friends by CatbeeCache.png
File:I just wanna fwiend by buymementos-d3ib8d8.jpgFile:I love my doll by spikewolfsoul-d2y6obc.jpgFile:I love you so much by r redbob-d2xhlt1.jpg
File:I m watching you by chaparro1-d3cbkoo.jpgFile:If TailsDoll was in SADX by DarkCream.pngFile:If tails doll was in S an SARS by joanatrex.jpg
File:If u give a tailsdoll a cookie by spikewolfsoul-d2xpy6r.jpgFile:Im a monster everyone hates me.pngFile:Join tails doll is not evil by tailsdoll22-d2ysxdv.png
File:Just walk away....pngFile:Kd drawering by robindri-d3662vo.jpgFile:Kiba and t d by kibawolfsoul-d36n05s.jpg
File:Knuckles Doll Icon by Agent Shadow.gifFile:Knuckles Doll by Arsenal EXE.jpgFile:Knuckles Doll by GriffinFlash.jpg
File:Knuckles Doll by Negi The Vampire.jpgFile:Knuckles doll by dragonfan122-d32xss7.pngFile:Knuckles doll wallpaper by vaaleeziitaaahx-d34cl5i.jpg
File:Knux Doll Needs More Stuffing by StasisDesigns.pngFile:Life Full of Pain by SamarraGothika8.jpgFile:Lovedolls by AnimaGirlDaria chan.jpg
File:Mama by chaparro1-d3g79qk.jpgFile:Marine and tails doll by cynderdragon101-d2xhhf9.pngFile:Master wants love by joanatrex.jpg
File:Math eh by chaparro1-d3701hk.jpgFile:Me like tails doll by icewindcoyote-d3a8ubb.pngFile:Meanie by spikewolfsoul-d2yew3n.jpg
File:Merry christmas from tailsdoll by teamrocketspikachu-d34yn13.pngFile:Miranda Cosgrove -- Dancing Crazy (new song! 2010 with lyrics) HQFile:Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U (with lyrics)
File:MoonlightTheCoyote Rants about the Tails Doll *READ DESCRIPTION*File:Mr tails dolly by shadamyfan83-d377aes.pngFile:My REAL theme
File:My creation Tiny by silverxcristal.jpgFile:My drawing of tails doll by skitty232-d39h52t.jpgFile:My favorite little doll by SamarraGothika8.jpg
File:My little tails doll by gimp artist-d47u27f.png.jpgFile:My master by joanatrex.jpgFile:My style kd by robindri-d3848qf.png
File:My tails doll by atbwalker-d3728pv.pngFile:NO ONE LOVES HIM.jpgFile:Neutral eyes by silverxcristal-d2z54w1.jpg
File:New dolly by despairanddesire-d37eopw.pngFile:New tails doll by pichu789.jpgFile:No poor tails doll by chaparro1-d34o31u.jpg
File:Not what i meant by bellthe cat-d33cb6q.pngFile:One of my favorete couples by MetalSonicRawkBoshi.jpgFile:Phsychopath cute-tails-doll.png
File:Pink.pngFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Plushie Collection Tails Doll by WingedHippocampus.png
File:Plushie collection blaze by wingedhippocampus-d37n72p.pngFile:Poor tails doll by funneh kitteh.jpgFile:Pro Tails Doll Stamp by GirGrunny.png
File:Quick tals doll drawing by nisel97-d2yoaj1.pngFile:Really what did he do wrong by chaparro1-d3arug8.jpgFile:Ream doll by grimtalesreaper.jpg
File:Ripcc.jpgFile:Rq angel and the tails doll by kibawolfsoul-d376m1y.jpgFile:Sad Tails doll.png
File:Sad chibi td by spikewolfsoul-d35qhr4.jpgFile:Sad tails doll by tailsdoll22-d30r9v3.jpgFile:Silence by bagiara.jpg
File:Simple happy td by qamarilight-d3jhfe1.pngFile:Skyandtailsdoll.pngFile:Sleeping.png
File:Sonic Doll is hungry by SonicChao95.jpgFile:Sonic R Super Sonic Racing RemixFile:Sonic doll by Arsenal EXE.jpg
File:Sonic the cream doll weirdo by mati fox-d34fxh1.jpgFile:Sonicdollplz.gifFile:Stop hating the tails doll by zeffrathecat-d21qgcz.jpg
File:Summer Of Sonic 2009 - Introduction Trail (With The Tails Doll)File:Summer of Sonic 2010 - Introductory TrailerFile:Super Tails Doll by BoneTheCat10.jpg
File:Super Tails Doll by shas1194.pngFile:Super Tails doll.pngFile:Sweet Dreams by Spikewolfsoul.jpg
File:TAILS DOLL IS NOT EVILFile:TD is so Missunderstood by Spikewolfsoul.jpgFile:TD pic by BoneTheCat10.jpg
File:T d profile by thepoketrix-d36663p.jpgFile:Tag by okamiwolfsoul-d2xgf8b.jpgFile:Tails-doll-in-its-first-home-tails-doll-4370537-800-600.jpg
File:Tails-doll-tails-doll-20469740-600-450.pngFile:TailsDoll Recolor by Kim The Hedgehog.jpgFile:Tails Doll.png
File:Tails Doll CE by iK1TK4T.pngFile:Tails Doll Chibi by Spikewolfsoul.jpgFile:Tails Doll Dances to Can you Feel the Sunshine?
File:Tails Doll Hug by GirGrunny.jpgFile:Tails Doll ShowThanksgiving Special 2010File:Tails Doll Why do you hate me by TeamRocketsPikachu.jpg
File:Tails Doll X Cream Doll by BoneTheCat10.jpgFile:Tails Doll and Tali Doll Kiss by Themysteriouspirate.pngFile:Tails Doll and Tali Doll by Themysteriouspirate.png
File:Tails Doll by Shad o ren.jpgFile:Tails Doll by SonicSkaters.jpgFile:Tails Doll by zippyskipy.png
File:Tails Doll evil by L3n kun.pngFile:Tails Doll gives and advice by DarkCream.jpgFile:Tails Doll isn t Evil by MetalSonicRawkBoshi.png
File:Tails Doll s New Buddy by RaeLogan.pngFile:Tails Doll s love by ProjectHalfbreed.jpgFile:Tails Doll wants CAKE by SakuraYabuki.png
File:Tails Doll wants a cookie by Faliru9676.jpgFile:Tails Doll x Cream by kie san013.pngFile:Tails and Doll by TimeFox7.jpg
File:Tails and tails doll by snowzahedghog.jpgFile:Tails doll Shadow and Blaze by Marikmizuki.jpgFile:Tails doll again by themysteriouspirate-d36rphm.png
File:Tails doll and Marine by Startherabbit.jpgFile:Tails doll and cream doll by imtailsthefoxfan-d3jaeos.pngFile:Tails doll and cream doll chao by joanatrex.jpg
File:Tails doll by BellThe Cat.jpgFile:Tails doll by chaparro1-d3tggt0.pngFile:Tails doll by metalsoniccomicz.jpg
File:Tails doll by miss paralee-d363zhc.jpgFile:Tails doll by neonlovenoel-d3b00rc.jpgFile:Tails doll by pinkishgiovanna-d2xnix2.png
File:Tails doll by shadetheemohedgehog.pngFile:Tails doll by sonicfan347.pngFile:Tails doll by superdupertails-d33ls5u.png
File:Tails doll by tailor grim-d2xyfqh.jpgFile:Tails doll comic page 1 by chaparro1-d33qqg3.jpgFile:Tails doll comic page num9 by chaparro1-d33w7ez.jpg
File:Tails doll cute by pinkishgiovanna-d37z4mu.jpgFile:Tails doll has been blamed by chaparro1-d31ke7p.jpgFile:Tails doll is crying by flipunia-d3cjv9x.png
File:Tails doll is happy by shiftyfan101-d36n249.pngFile:Tails doll is not evil them songFile:Tails doll is very sorry by chaparro1-d31kg2g.jpg
File:Tails doll iscribble by joanatrex.jpgFile:Tails doll just wants a hug by tailsdoll22-d2yi38y.pngFile:Tails doll knows what he is by joanatrex-d3nv1ts.png
File:Tails doll merry christmas.jpgFile:Tails doll needs a friend by maddiethehedgie-d3c2rqn.pngFile:Tails doll new drawing method by nisel97-d2yc1b8.png
File:Tails doll s doodles by tails n doll-d327j0x.jpgFile:Tails doll s gem moods by chaparro1-d48ohyv.pngFile:Tails doll sad by nisel97-d3033zl.png
File:Tails doll school sketch by sephyndcloud4eva-d3938ca.jpgFile:Tails doll wants love by mdpikachu-d3bpqxs.jpgFile:Tails doll wants to play by nisel97.png
File:Tails doll with a cookie by awsome444-d3j0427.pngFile:Tails doll with claws xd by joanatrex-d2t8lxy.jpgFile:Tails finds the tails doll by chaparro1-d31kfvg.jpg
File:Tails has officaly freaked out by chaparro1-d31rxk0.jpgFile:Tails in Sonic Lost World.pngFile:Tailsdoll by spikewolfsoul-d36sam2.gif
File:Tailsdoll journal doll by spikewolfsoul-d35a9v0.gifFile:Tailsdoll plush by darkcream-d2zn1lf.pngFile:Take me anywhere you want togo by tailsdoll22-d3b4oci.jpg
File:Tally the kitten tails dolll by BellThe Cat.pngFile:Taxidermy Tails by CatbeeCache.pngFile:Td picture recolored finished.png
File:Td s friend sonic plushie by nisel97.pngFile:Td want a hug by conniem000-d4bej4g.jpgFile:Td wink by spikewolfsoul-d2yv996.gif
File:Tds birthday 2010 by lucaruoboss-d31o8cs.pngFile:The Tails Doll Isn't EvilFile:The Tails Doll Needs Love Too by CodeXANA.jpg
File:The Tails Doll by TailsLoverForever.jpgFile:The cream doll by nintendstar-d2zeeqi.jpgFile:The sonic doll by sonicfan1998-d338r46.png
File:The sprite edit by klaafamily.jpgFile:The tails doll comic2 end page by chaparro1-d3a0iqb.jpgFile:The tails doll comic2 page 34 by chaparro1-d38z5c9.jpg
File:The tails doll comic 2 by chaparro1-d37hxag.jpgFile:The tails doll comic 2 page 31 by chaparro1-d37n223.jpgFile:The tails doll comic 2 page 32 by chaparro1-d38eu3w.jpg
File:The tails doll comic 2 page 33 by chaparro1-d38weaz.jpgFile:The tails doll comic 2 page 35 by chaparro1-d396w00.jpgFile:The tails doll comic 2 page 36 by chaparro1-d39gks5.jpg
File:The tails doll comic 2 page 37 by chaparro1-d39rr45.jpgFile:The tails doll comic 5 by chaparro1-d33sgro.jpgFile:The tails doll comic cover by chaparro1-d33qla5.jpg
File:The tails doll comic number 7 by chaparro1-d33tkkz.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 11 by chaparro1-d3412gk.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 12 by chaparro1-d343b86.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 13 by chaparro1-d345224.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 14 by chaparro1-d3473bc.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 15 by chaparro1-d348i31.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 16 by chaparro1-d34dh2i.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 17 by chaparro1-d34k4hn.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 18 by chaparro1-d34w5w6.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 19 by chaparro1-d350jbt.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 20 by chaparro1-d35gcta.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 21 by chaparro1-d35qs8o.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 22 by chaparro1-d36917c.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 23 by chaparro1-d36fucb.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 24 by chaparro1-d36nerr.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 25 by chaparro1-d36qk9e.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 26 by chaparro1-d36sozl.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 27 by chaparro1-d36vzqh.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 28 by chaparro1-d36yna6.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 2 by chaparro1-d33qz5w.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page 30 by chaparro1-d37hui7.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page 3 by chaparro1-d33r7k2.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page num4 by chaparro1-d33rcft.jpgFile:The tails doll comic page num6 by chaparro1-d33t7sk.jpg
File:The tails doll comic page num8 by chaparro1-d33vq5m.jpgFile:The tails doll is not amused by chaparro1-d31kcqo.jpgFile:The tails doll not evil by ChellyTheEevee.png
File:The tails doll x x by little cartoon-d38qzym.jpgFile:The tailsdoll comic page num10 by chaparro1-d33yof8.jpgFile:Toxic doll.png
File:Wanna play by chaparro1-d334dqd.jpgFile:What if by miraclegirl E2.jpgFile:When mysterious is sad by themysteriouspirate-d2z1702.png
File:Who s our target next by mestillnutz-d32ytzv.pngFile:Why by chaparro1-d35uuo2.jpgFile:Why dosnt anyone want to play.png
File:Why give up this child by cutelittlemouseygirl-d328777.jpgFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Will you stop singing by chaparro1-d3f3xey.jpg
File:Wuhhhhh by spikewolfsoul-d2xv4e8.jpgFile:You aren t bad come on by McSadat.jpgFile:You ve got to be kidding by nisel97-d2ysxvs.png