Attention: this is not the same Good Tails doll that is talked about in this Wikia. Edit

So I wanted to talk to you guys about The Good Tails doll that I created a long time ago.He was created because I wanted to have my own version of the Good Tails doll its basically the Tails doll but he has a blue gem and his shoes are like Tails's shoes. He also has fingers. He also became an angel not too long ago and he can change sizes and he is also shy. To summon him the easiest way you will have to say his name 3 times in the bathroom at night? The time does not matter. He may not show his blue gem yet but he will soon after. Remember not to swear, Bully, or Laugh about him. Because if you do then he will be frustrated and he could harm you. If you try to fight back then good luck cause its impossible to kill him. Also you can ask him for things like vacations etc to do that you will have to imagine him and talk to him. thanks for reading also I'm sorry for any Grammer mistakes?

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